Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas wreath

*Green Vine: around $2 (Walmart) 9ft
*Small Ornaments: $1 (Dollar Store)
*Fake Snow Blower: $1.99 (Walmart)
*Ornament Hooks: $.98 (Walmart)
*Fake or real Flowers: Fake - $.98 (Walmart) / Real - Free
*Pine Cones: Free (Nature ;) )
*Other Decorations to put on the wreath. [I used bells ($.98 - Walmart)]
1. Measure the vine, and cut off the length to use for the wreath (2 1/2 ft-3 1/2 ft). Make a circle out of the straight vine, and secure it by twisting the ends.
2. Put on the ornaments by using ornament hooks or strings.
3. Arrange the pine cones and secure it with the ornament hooks.
4. Secure the flowers with the ornament hooks.
5. Spray fake snow on the visible empty vine.

It can be hung on the door, or it can be used as a center piece for a party. If you decide to use it as a center piece, don't forget to put a candle in the middle. Holiday scented candles work perfectly.

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