Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Party Props

Wanna throw a party? But....!!!

Throwing a party isn't for everyone, let's just face it. Don't worry because I know exactly what you need for your party. So let's start planning so you can start partying... wooo! [ Don't drink too much... JK, I am not your mother.]

  • Heavy weight construction paper (lots of it and in lots of colors)
  • Scissors 
  • Glue
  • Sticks ( Either craft sticks or even Kabob sticks) 
    • Kabob sticks are cheaper :P
  • Glittery paper ( in different colors obviously )
  1. Draw mustaches, lips, and glasses. ( Don't know how to do that, I got you covered)
    1. Use different shapes and sizes of each to have variety
  2. Use that stencil you created in the last step to draw on the construction paper. Draw as many as you would like of each types of the mustaches, lips, and glasses.  
    1. using different colors of heavy weight construction paper adds color to your props. [ Use glittery paper because its a conversation starter when you have pink glittery mustache ;) ]
  3. After having your props on the construction paper, its time to cut those shapes out.  snip snip snip 
  4. Finally, your ready to glue your props to a stick so they can be uses at the party!! 
    1. Using a hot glue gun works best, because it will hold the props for the rest of the night.
Party Props 
You are now ready to throw your own party! Have fun. 

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